The best Estonian alcoholic beverage is Vana Tallinn Yoghurt Cream

AS Liviko’s unique yoghurt liqueur Vana Tallinn Yoghurt Cream has been voted the best alcoholic beverage of 2017 in the Best Estonian Food Product competition.

“Vana Tallinn Yoghurt Cream is made of genuine yoghurt, which makes it unique in Estonia and an innovative product worldwide. By developing this novel yoghurt liqueur, the Liviko product developers incorporated new brave tastes that have given birth to a fresh and picaresque flavouring experience like that used in making different smoothies,” said Janek Kalvi, chairman of the management board of AS Liviko.

“Vana Tallinn Yoghurt Cream is really novel, by its appearance as well as by its content. We have received a lot of positive feedback in regard to the yoghurt liqueur, primarily for this innovative idea. The liqueur is of snowy white colour and with very soft texture. The vanilla, citrus and characteristic to Vana Tallinn rum can be sensed in its aroma. Natural vanilla, a sourness characteristic of yoghurt and a hint of pineapple are prominent in its taste,“ said Anna-Kai Tõrs, AS Liviko product manager.

The flavouring properties of Vana Tallinn Yoghurt Cream are best revealed when cooled and served with plenty of ice or fresh berries. It is perfect for making cocktails and smoothies, with a banana smoothie recipe given on the label.

The strength of Vana Tallinn Yoghurt Cream, the 5th liqueur in the Vana Tallinn cream liqueur family, is 16%, and it is available in 0.5 l bottles. The yoghurt liqueur arrived on the market in summer of last year. In addition to Estonia, Vana Tallinn Yoghurt Cream is sold in travel trade of the Baltic Sea, the Netherlands, Latvia and Lithuania.

Banana smoothie recipe

Pour in blender 4 cl of Vana Tallinn Yoghurt Cream, 10 cl of apple juice, half a banana, a piece of ginger and plenty of ice. Blend until the mixture is even and serve in a high glass.

The easiest berryful enticement of the world

Put your favourite berries, such as acerbic redcurrants, blueberries and strawberries, into the glass. Add some chilled Vana Tallinn Yoghurt Cream.

Loony smoothie recipe

Pour in blender 30 g of favourite berries, ice cubes and 100 ml of cranberry juice and 40 ml of Vana Tallinn Yoghurt Cream. Blend for at least 2 minutes in order to get a creamy smoothie. Serve in a high glass or funny bottle.

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