Vana Tallinn Elégance wins Best Liqueur award in London

Vana Tallinn Elégance has been awarded the title of Best Liqueur in the Spirits Business competition ‘Luxury Spirits Masters 2016’. According to the jury, the gold medal-winning Vana Tallinn Elégance was the biggest surprise of the day.

Entered in international competition for the first time, Vana Tallinn Elégance was praised by the jury for being strikingly aromatic and exceptionally pleasant and was awarded first prize. The beverage’s appearance, aroma and flavour were assessed during a blind tasting.

“Vana Tallinn is without doubt one of our foremost products,” said Janek Kalvi, chairman of the management board of AS Liviko. “In developing it we’ve been particularly attentive and demanding. Since the magazine that was organising the competition is one of the most prestigious and widely read publications in the alcohol industry, such a commendation for Vana Tallinn Elégance is a fantastic platform for really going places on foreign markets and showcasing our products on new export markets.”

Vana Tallinn Elégance (40% vol.) takes the classic Vana Tallinn liqueur and adds a touch of exotic rum from the island of Martinique which has been aged in oak barrels for years and whose smoky fragrance adds a velvety texture and delicious spiciness to the liqueur.

The ‘Luxury Spirits Masters’ is a competition for alcoholic drinks in the super-premium category and is designed to recognise and reward true masters in the field. It is organised by the Spirits Business magazine and news portal, which is designed for specialists and companies operating in the sector.

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